How to Resolve Conflicts in a Marriage.

How to resolve conflicts in a marriage

My marriage used to be filled with constant arguments. We would frequently engage in heated disputes over trivial matters. Our emotions would spiral out of control, and our words would become harsh, hurting each other. Those arguments left us emotionally exhausted, and our marriage was on the brink of collapse.

After each argument, I would feel a deep pain and confusion within. We were once so deeply in love, longing to spend our lives together. However, the arguments pushed us to opposite sides. We forgot about love, forgot about respect, and all that remained was resentment and hurt. We both became broken hearted men.

We realized the destructive nature of these arguments and made a commitment to change. We started reflecting on our own behaviors and actively sought ways to resolve our issues.

Gradually, our efforts began to bear fruit. We learned to understand and be more tolerant of each other. We learned to express our needs using gentle language. We learned to focus on common ground rather than getting entangled in our differences. Our arguments started to decrease, and our marriage began to regain peace and sweetness.

I hope my experience can provide some insights to women facing marital issues, so I have summarized five methods to resolve conflicts in a marriage.

1.Listening and Respect

During arguments, we often focus solely on our own viewpoints and emotions, disregarding the other person’s feelings and opinions. However, it is only when we genuinely listen to each other’s perspectives and respect each other’s emotions that we can find common ground and reach agreement. This requires setting aside our own positions to understand the other person’s stance and needs.

We both became broken hearted men

2.Communication and Expression

Arguments often stem from poor communication or pent-up emotions. Both parties should learn to express their needs and feelings in a constructive manner while also respecting the other person’s mode of expression. Avoid using aggressive language and blame, and try using “I” statements to describe your own feelings and needs.
For example, instead of saying, “You always prioritize work and completely disregard our family and marriage! You don’t care about me at all!” you could say, “I feel a bit lonely because I perceive our time allocation as imbalanced. I hope we can find a way to strike a balance between pursuing our careers and having more quality time together to strengthen our marital bond.”
This approach helps us express our emotions and needs more openly, avoiding conflicts and fostering better communication and understanding.

Communication and Expression

3.Learning to Forgive

After arguments, we often carry resentment and hurt, continuing to live with those negative emotions. However, holding onto resentment only perpetuates the harm caused by the arguments and does not solve the underlying issues. Learning to forgive the other person and letting go of past grievances is crucial. This allows us to give each other and ourselves a fresh chance and maintain a peaceful relationship.

4.Finding Room for Compromise

I used to be stubborn and unwilling to compromise, believing that only by standing firm on my own views could I protect my dignity and rights. However, I gradually realized that marriage is a process of teamwork, and learning to make concessions is necessary. We need to find room for compromise and make efforts to seek solutions that both parties can accept. This requires us to maintain flexibility and an open mindset, willing to let go of our own stubbornness and make some compromises for the harmony of the marriage.

Finding Room for Compromise

5.Seeking Common Solutions

Arguments are never about winning or losing; they are about finding ways to solve problems. We often see each other as adversaries, focusing on defending our own positions during arguments and overlooking the fact that we should be a team. However, when I started approaching arguments with a cooperative attitude, our marriage underwent a transformation.
I learned to discuss solutions with my partner instead of viewing him as an enemy. Together, we seek win-win solutions, which have brought a deeper sense of genuine love to our marriage.

Seeking Common Solutions

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