The First Thing You See Reveals Your Deepest Fears


Deep within each of us, there may be hidden fears that we ourselves have not yet noticed. This visual personality test can reveal the fears that are hidden in your unconscious mind. So, what is your deepest fear?

Fear is our innate response to potential threats. However, our minds sometimes associate peculiar symbols with potential dangers because our subconscious still holds unresolved emotions.

The image we are about to show you is a psychoanalytical picture that can delve into your unconscious fears.

This picture triggers your subconscious and associates the elements in the image with your fears. It reveals the symbol of a skull, which can evoke a sense of fear in your subconscious. The number you first notice will reveal your greatest fear as it is the element that triggers your unconscious fear.

This psychoanalytical test is quick and simple, yet its effects are astonishing. All you need to do is pay attention to and read the number you first noticed. Let’s begin:

If you first notice:

A little girl

If the first thing you see in this picture is a little girl, then your sense of fear may stem from suppressed emotions during your childhood.

As we grow up, there are many events that leave imprints deep within our minds. If these events are not properly addressed and understood, they may manifest in adulthood as fears, addictions, thought patterns, or even inappropriate desires.

The relationship with our mother, in particular, has a significant impact on our emotional development. If a child has to be separated from their mother for a long time during their upbringing or does not receive sufficient care from their mother in early childhood, these negative emotions may unconsciously manifest in the form of fear.

Therefore, this child may feel fear when making decisions or taking responsibility.

It is worth noting that trauma does not necessarily only occur during childhood; it can also happen during infancy, even during the perinatal period, pregnancy, or childbirth.


The symbol of a butterfly is often associated with positive meanings in our lives. However, its symbolic significance goes much deeper into a more mysterious and dark realm.

In dream analysis, a butterfly is seen as a marker of transformation and rebirth.

A colorful butterfly represents hopeful expectations and foreshadows new and exciting things to come in life. On the other hand, a dull-colored butterfly suggests missed opportunities.

In the realm of the psyche, a butterfly is considered a guide of the soul, leading it to the other side of death. If you first see a butterfly in this picture, then your unconscious fear may stem from a fear of death or concerns about not being able to survive or missing out on opportunities. You may also be resisting the sadness that arises from losing loved ones.


The strawberry cleverly occupies the center of the picture, its size greatly exceeding that of the actual fruit, symbolizing the heart. Since ancient times, strawberries have been regarded as symbols of love, or more accurately, symbols of the pain that arises from love.

There is even a legend that the goddess Venus, unable to stop her tears due to the death of Adonis, each tear that fell on the ground turned into a strawberry.

If the first thing you notice is the strawberry, then what you are pursuing is hidden deep within your heart. Your greatest fear comes from an unconscious resistance to love.

Fear and emotional resistance to beautiful things like love often stem from our childhood and how our parents displayed their emotions towards each other in front of us. However, this fear and resistance may also originate from a painful heartbreak in your first romantic relationship.

The enormous size of the strawberry reveals how deep the love you must give is. It implies that you have accumulated too much love within you, to the point where you are afraid to give it out of fear of being punished.


The spider is one of the most common psychological fears among people. This fear stems from the human evolutionary survival mechanism, which makes us more alert to potential hidden threats in our surroundings.

However, as a symbol, the spider actually reveals a deeper unconscious fear – a sense of insecurity in the surrounding environment.

If you see the image of the spider first in this photo, it means that your unconscious fear stems from a sense of insecurity in the environment.

Even in the safest environment, you constantly scrutinize details, trying to find potential mistakes and dangers. This constant vigilance for danger prevents you from fully immersing yourself in moments of beauty and happiness, and you always overthink every plan. Anxiety and panic attacks may be problems you frequently face.

This unconscious fear of insecurity often stems from excessive worry. You may have grown up in an environment filled with excessive worry, or this may be a thinking pattern you have developed on your own.


This tree is a powerful psychological symbol. In many psychoanalytical tests, the position at which people draw a tree on paper is used to gain insight into their psychological state.

Trees symbolize the roots of our lives and represent a deeper meaning. The bridge formed by two trees may imply unresolved conflicts within us, emotional rifts that we cannot reconcile.

If you see the two trees first in this photo, it may indicate that your greatest fear is accepting these unconscious emotional rifts. You fear embracing those parts of yourself that belong to you but are unwilling to admit. In resisting this shadow self, you have shaped your identity and tried to integrate it with yourself.

Most of us have a clear understanding of our doubts and uncertainties, but the internal perception of these feelings is different from when others reveal these doubts and uncertainties to you.

Therefore, the best approach is to seek help from those who can provide external perspectives without any bias or preconceived notions, as this may help us see the issues from a fresh angle.

Teddy Bear

Every child has a way of seeking comfort, and that is by tightly hugging their teddy bear. It is their little world, a place filled with understanding, security, and even warmth.

The teddy bear is a child’s unconditional friend, a sanctuary full of warmth and love. When fear permeates the air, every child instinctively clings to their teddy bear.

However, the teddy bear in this photo is somewhat distorted, and upon seeing it for the first time, you notice something unusual. You start to fear this fear.

This fear stems from an unconscious trauma, perhaps a moment in your childhood when you experienced fear without anything to bring you comfort.


If you notice the skull first, it may indicate that you are an indecisive person who often feels troubled when faced with decisions, especially when they involve significant or important matters. This may stem from self-esteem issues, which is why you sometimes doubt your ability to make the right choices.

Your self-esteem issues may stem from the fact that your achievements have never received genuine appreciation and recognition from your parents and loved ones, which makes you always feel inadequate.

If you see the skull first, there is another possible interpretation. You may subconsciously fear death, afraid that life will eventually come to an end.

Although you may not express this fear, the fear of death can sometimes weaken you on a mental and emotional level.

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