The 13 best Amazon Black Friday deals 2023 our editors are buying this year

Are you ready? It’s November now, which means one thing: Black Friday and Cyber Monday will make our Christmas shopping plans more budget-friendly. It’s one of our favorite times of the year, where the biggest online shopping events will solve all your money-saving dilemmas, and anything you can think of might be discounted.

Have you been eyeing a 4K TV, a smart speaker, or a new pair of running shoes? We believe you’ll find some enticing products to purchase, especially considering last year’s discounts of up to 75%, igniting our enthusiasm for buying top-notch items.

But where do you start? Amazon’s Black Friday sales are massive, with so many retailers participating. It can be overwhelming to find the best products that suit your spending. If you’re a prime subscriber, we recommend keeping an eye on Amazon’s offerings. Free next-day shipping and price drops of up to 50% were seen last year. We’ve done all the legwork to bring you the best deals, so take a look at what we’ve found.

What is Amazon’s Black Friday sale for 2023?

Amazon’s best Black Friday deals celebrate the biggest shopping event of the year and are definitely worth checking out. If you’ve been keeping an eye on some small gadgets and items but haven’t had enough funds to purchase them recently, now is the time to take action. Almost every retailer you can think of will participate in the sales throughout November, but Amazon has always been one of the biggest and best.

To ensure we only recommend genuinely good deals, we’ve scoured the internet, tracking price changes and popular products. It can be a minefield for those who are unsure how to make the most of these sales. We’re cutting through the noise to help you find the real bargains. If you’re not a fan of shopping on Amazon, you can also read our guides on the best Black Friday liquor deals, clothing deals, mattress deals, as well as the best Cyber Monday deals, perfume sales, and furniture deals.

When is Amazon’s Black Friday?

You don’t have to wait too long; this year’s Black Friday will take place on November 24th. However, interestingly, Amazon’s Black Friday usually starts in the first week of November, more like Black November, isn’t it? So, you have plenty of time to make the most of the deals as much as possible.

How to sign up for Amazon Prime?

If you have the idea to do so, that’s great, but before you start entering your credit card information, you need to make sure you’ve signed up for Amazon’s premium subscription service to make the most of the upcoming Black Friday.

Amazon Prime is a membership program that offers you free next-day delivery and grants you access to all exclusive services and unlocks the door to top-tier video content throughout the sales season. It’s a highly impressive service that provides excellent value for money, and if you want to save on Amazon this Black Friday, it’s your best choice.

The subscription fee is £8.99 per month or £89 per year, but there’s a way to get a 30-day trial for free by registering with an email that hasn’t been associated with Amazon before. By signing up this way, you can enjoy the benefits of Amazon Prime membership for the entire month of November at no cost, as long as you remember to cancel the subscription before the end of the month to avoid automatic charges.

There aren’t many deals available online yet as there’s still some time before the major sales events, so we’ve selected some of the most popular items that Amazon typically sells. Pay attention to the prices and save this page in a tab to get accurate discount information.

How to find the best Amazon deals on Black Friday?

For experienced online shoppers, Amazon’s Black Friday sales can be a complex and overwhelming time, so it’s important to prepare in advance to make the most of this opportunity. We recommend considering the products you want to purchase and making a list before the sales begin. This will help keep your mind focused during the sales period and prevent distractions by initially uninterested purchases. Doing so will help you better grasp your needs, avoid impulse buying, or missing out on the deals you truly desire.

Which is cheaper, Black Friday or Cyber Monday?

Before the weekend, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are separate. Many shoppers may want to hold out until the last day of the sales to see if there are better deals as the event comes to a close. Based on our experience, there isn’t much difference between these two days, and prices rarely vary significantly, especially from one day to the next.

If you spot a deal you’re interested in, we suggest grabbing it immediately, especially considering reports of a potential strike action by the Royal Mail throughout Amazon’s Black Friday. From November 24th and 25th to December 1st, members will be striking, which could lead to significant delivery delays. If you want to receive your items in time for Christmas, it’s best to place your order as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

Now, let’s take a look at the best Amazon Cyber Monday deals we’ve selected for 2023…

Philips 9000 Beard Trimmer

Untidy beards require proper tools to tame, and they don’t come much better than Philips’ 9000-series trimmer. Seriously, this is one of our favourite grooming devices and, given that it’s now under £100 in the Amazon Cyber Monday sale, it’s well worth grabbing ASAP.

Xbox Series S

Compact, powerful, and beautifully clad in white, the Series S is a great little next-gen console for that game at 1080p or 1400p. With a generous £60 bumped off the RRP, this is one of the best consoles ever made, and will easily fit into the smallest of spaces — unlike its larger, more powerful Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 rivals.

Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser

TikTok viral products don’t always live up to their hype, but the Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser couldn’t be more deserving of the 10.1 million views it’s earned on the platform. Capable of turning any bar of chocolate into the smoothest hot chocolate we ever did try, it’s a winter gamechanger and a sensational Christmas present. Just make sure you grab one while it’s 19 per cent off.

Le Creuset Signature Casserole Dish

If you’re after a good Christmas gift for pretty much anyone on your list this year, look no further than the Le Creuset casserole dish. Ideal for beginner chefs straight up to those who see themselves as a Masterchef contender, it’s the casserole dish to end all casserole dishes thanks to its combination of aesthetic style and the quality of its construction. When something this good drops in price, we’re paying attention.

Sihoo Office Chair

If you’ve yet to invest in an office chair for your WFH set-up, what are you waiting for? An essential in most homes since our working patterns changed during the pandemic, a quality chair is key to preventing any posture-related aches and pains, and with nine per cent off in the Amazon Black Friday sales, this Sihoo one will be an easy win.

Simba Hybrid Mattresses

Simba may have its own Black Friday sale going on (PSA: you can actually get up to 60 per cent off currently on the Simba website) but its mattresses are also majorly discounted on Amazon. One of our favourite mattresses on the market, the Simba hybrid incorporates both pocket spring and foam technology, as well as innovative temperature regulation features to create a careful balance between comfort and support. If you’re going to make one purchase this Black Friday, make it one that’ll give you that much-needed boost.

Comhoma Office Chair

One of the most popular office chairs among GQ readers, the Comhoma is a solid, reliable investment. Designed to keep you comfortable while you work, it’s got all of the basics of a good office chair covered, from the ergonomic backrest to the flip-up arms and the breathable mesh back. Think WFH but without the aches and pains.

Apple AirPods Pro 2

Apple’s best headphones yet, the AirPods 2 are cheaper in the Black Friday sale and well worth picking up if you’re in the mood to block out literally any annoying noise around you, be that your frustrating loud colleague, the hubbub of the coffee house, or the drone of a plane.

Shark IZ252UKT

If your current vacuum cleaner is struggling to keep up with the shedding of your various furry friends, then this alternative from Shark might be just the ticket. With plenty of power to get the job done, it even has an anti-hair-wrap head for peace of mind. The up to 80-minute battery life isn’t too shabby either. £449.99 £299. At


XGIMI Horizon Pro Native 4K

What’s better than a massive TV? Your own personal cinema projector, that’s what. Beaming your favourite shows and movies onto your wall is the ultimate way to enjoy film night, and what with the World Cup coming up, it might just be the only way to encourage your mates to come over for a few brews. This particular one from Xgimi is the cream of its crop, capable of beaming 4K imagery onto your wall up to 200 inches wide. It’s got a built-in set of speakers to rival some premium soundbars and all your favourite streaming services are pre-installed. £1,889£1,320.


Philips PerfectDraft Beer Keg Machine

As the weather turns colder, it’s time to think about how you’re going to feed your beer-drinking habits without freezing in a pub garden. With the World Cup arriving, you need to ensure you can bring the boozer to you. In steps the PerfectDraft beer dispensing machine, which holds kegs big enough for 6-8 pints that can be instantly chilled and perfectly poured for your enjoyment. There’s a huge range of tipples to choose from, be that an easy-drinking pale ale or a bitter. £374£199.99. At


Fitbit Charge 5

Most people will likely be waiting to kickstart their fitness regime post-Christmas (why jeopardise all those Christmas beers?) but if you’re keen to get started now, then Fitbit’s new Charge 5 smartwatches will be your constant companion. 42 per cent off during the Black Friday sale, this is a great way to track fitness metrics and look good while doing it. £169 £99. At


Apple Watch SE

Most people will be keen to hunt for the latest Apple watches, but it’s the slightly more aged models that are worth hunting for if it’s bargains you’re after. The first-gen SE is two years old now but still works like a dream at managing your fitness goals, feeding you notifications and helping you reply to texts and calls on the go. £319 £299. At


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